About us

We love making digital products which encourage people to become more active because of the massive physical and mental benefits that regular activity brings.


We believe that technology removes a major barrier in people making the final step in being active and we do this by connecting people to great activities which suit their needs.

Our experience


We have experience working closely with great organisations throughout the development of our products, meaning we understand what products our partners really want in order to engage their audiences into becoming more active.


We enjoy hearing great ideas from our partners when developing our products, as they understand their audience better than anyone.

How we work


We love making our products evolve over time and are a dynamic team which delivers great looking, functional products and always want to over-deliver because we really care.


If you have any other ideas in mind for digital products which aim to get people more active, we would love to hear them and see whether we can help make those ideas come to life.


Tom Marley

Co-founder, Managing Director

James Clayson

Co-founder, Product Director

Rob Tominey

Financial Director

Shervin Williams

Web Developer

Jamie Trinder

App Developer

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