User Case #1

Local Authorities

  • Create a digital hub for local physical activity on their site.

  • Deliver a user experience which maximises the chances of people becoming active.

  • Save resources connecting residents to physical activity manually - no more out of date PDF's!

User Case #2

Active Partnerships

  • Display the array of great activities going on within their county

  • Help promote local leisure providers to a wider audience.

  • Use the data collected to provide insights on local activity levels to their partners.

User Case #3

Health Campaigns

  • Healthy engagement with their audience, helping them make the final steps to becoming active. ​

  • Integrate within their current marketing channels with an inspired call to action.

  • Understand how effective their campaigns are at encouraging people to be more active.

Use Cases

Below are a few examples of products we have built for different customer use cases.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss the level of customisation you require for your product.

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