Activity Provider Platform

Our Activity Provider Platform allows any activity provider to list their sessions/facilities online as open data.


With lots of great local activity providers not having a booking system, it is hard for them to gain an online presence.


We have created a tool which any activity provider can promote themselves for free, manage their activities and start taking bookings and payments online. 


This tool works for session providers, coaches and facility operators (schools, colleges, community centres etc) and publishes these opportunities through a multitude of different online platforms through open data.

Empower your local activity providers to bring their activities and facilities online and in front of an audience wanting to become more active.

Your benefits;

  • Take control of your online physical activity offering

  • Help local activity providers generate more revenue

  • Make it easier for your community to get active by removing a digital barrier

  • Have an open data strategy which works with both big and small activity providers

  • Moderate what sessions are happening in your community

  • Use analytics provided to get a strong picture of the physical activity landscape

  • Generate better relationships with local providers

Local providers benefits;

Manage their sessions

  • Simple listing tool 

  • Set recurring events

  • List availability

  • Deliver key activity information

  • Take bookings and payments

Generate more revenue

  • Show up on wide-reaching national activity finders using open data

  • Update customers in real-time

  • Compete with the bigger leisure operators for customers attention

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Bring your physical activity offering online today

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